4 Important Aspects Of Proper Roofing Installation That Could Reduce The Risk Of A Roof Leak


Installing a new asphalt roof may seem like an easy job aside from being exposed to the hot sun, but it takes skill to install a roof properly, and the work has to be done carefully. Here's a look at four important aspects of asphalt shingle roofing installation. 1. Nailing The Shingles Nails used to attach asphalt shingles have two important considerations: the type of nails used and how they're applied.

11 December 2020

Five Things To Avoid On Your Shingle Roof


Ensuring that your roof has a long life requires more than simply knowing proper maintenance. You also need to know what types of things to avoid so that accidental damages won't occur. 1. Walking On the Roof One of the most damaging things you can do to a shingle roof is walk on it. Walking compresses shingles, and it can knock off the protective granules. This shortens the lifespan of your roof while also increasing the likelihood of leaks.

18 November 2020

Advice For Homeowners Working With Residential Roofers


Over the years owning residential property, there will be roof issues that come up out of nowhere. It the repair is technical and potentially dangerous, then your best response is finding residential roofers. Working with them can be smooth the entire time if you take these precautions. Move Things Off Walls If the roof repair will involve hammering, then this creates vibrations around the roof that will move through the walls.

21 September 2020