What Affects The Energy Efficiency Of A Roofing System?


With many business owners concerned about getting their spaces up to snuff with the latest energy saving techniques, it's surprising that some people overlook their roof as a major source of potential energy savings. There are many factors that can affect the energy savings of your roof, and many can be installed or improved after the fact.  State of Repair and Quality of Roofing Job The first factor to consider is whether the roofing job has been done to standard.

28 October 2016

3 Tips For Keeping Those Pesky Squirrels Away From Your Gutters


Properties that are located in areas with a lot of rain will greatly benefit from gutters. As long as they are well-maintained, they can keep water from puddling near the foundation. The downspouts can shoot water far away from the structure, or you can use rain barrels to collect all of the rainfall. But, gutters are not indestructible, and they require regular maintenance. Once you've taken the time to install your gutters, you'll want to keep them in excellent condition through the years.

20 September 2016

Sagging Roof? It's Probably Time To Replace It


If your home's roof sags in the center, it's probably time replace it with a new one. A sagging roof can develop from a number of things, including water ponding and structural damage to the support beams and trusses. If you don't replace your roof or repair the structural damage, the roof may collapse inward. Here are possible reasons for your sagging roof and what you can do to solve it.

11 August 2016

5 Reasons Metal Roofs Rock On Tiny Houses


Tiny house living is a new twist on the American dream and it is taking the country by storm. While their size is dramatically smaller than the average home in the United States, so is the cost to build them. When you are building something so small, making wise choices for both style and practicality is imperative. Metal roofing fits both these needs and more.  1. Durability: When you invest in a tiny house, you want it to last.

26 July 2016

Special Considerations When Choosing Roof Materials For A Folk Victorian


Folk Victorian homes offer a stripped down take on the often ornate and asymmetrical classic Victorian homes. The Folk architecture style, which became popular during the late 1800s to early 1900s, features symmetrical floor plans and windows with decorative woodwork to accent both the house structure and the eaves of the roof. The roof has a pyramid shape with a low pitch and both aspects can help inform the best roofing material if you need repairs or replacement.

18 July 2016

How To Prevent Moss Growth On An Asphalt Or Concrete-Shingle Roof


If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and/or you have a portion of your roof that does not get a lot of direct sunlight, you may have to contend with moss invading your roof. When you first see moss on your roof, you might think that it adds character, but moss holds moisture next to your roof and can thus promote rot. Therefore, when you see moss on your roof, you need to take steps to remove it and prevent future invasions.

4 July 2016

Bird Droppings On Your Roof? Know About Potential Damage And Prevention


Your home's roof will put up with a lot of damage to protect it, but a danger that is often overlooked are bird droppings that land on the surface. They can actually damage your home's roof, which is why it's important to know how damage happens and how to prevent it. Can Bird Droppings Actually Damage The Roof? The primary way that bird droppings can create damage to a roof is from them being acidic.

23 June 2016

3 Areas Around Your Roof That You Need To Check Frequently To Prevent A Future Problem


A well-maintained roof should last for 20, 30 years or more. But if you want to see that kind of longevity out of your roof, you'll need to take proper care of it with regular maintenance check ups. In addition to walking the roof and looking for shingles that are in disrepair, you'll also want to keep an eye on some other key areas on and around your roof. Here are 3 potential trouble spots to keep in mind.

13 June 2016

How To Patch A Leaky Steel Gutter


If you notice roof leaks where the ceiling connects to the walls, check your steel gutters for holes. A steel gutter are made from a process called galvanization, but they can develop holes letting rain seep into your home. The gutter is supposed to divert water frorm your home to avoid extensive damage. Luckily, holes are fixable even by a beginning DIY person. Here are some tips to fix steel gutter leaks.

7 June 2016

Commonly Believed Roofing Myths Debunked


The roof that protects your home can be a part of the house that you may rarely give much attention. In particular, it can be common for homeowners to put faith in a few of the more frequent myths about this part of a house, which can make it difficult to avoid some common roofing issues. After you have these notions refuted, you will be a better-informed homeowner.   Myth: Storm Damage Always Results From Strong Winds

7 June 2016