Professional Roof Cleaners Can Restore An Old Roof


So many people have the desire to update their roof, but they just don't have the money. But, there are cheap and easy ways that homeowners can greatly improve the look of their roofing material. In fact, even just cleaning your roofing shingles can have a big effect on how your home looks. A thorough professional cleaning can restore the bright, original color of your roof. Over time, shingles can absorb dirt and fade in color.

24 September 2018

4 Roof Maintenance Tasks You Should Know How To Do For Longer Lasting Roofing


For a longer lasting roof, you will want to do maintenance regularly, and you will need to know how to do these chores correctly. You will want to know how to clean the gutters, remove snow, and do small repairs to ensure your roof lasts for years. Here are some of the roof maintenance tasks that you need to know how to do for a longer lasting roof: 1. Cleaning Gutters to Reduce Wear from Debris on The Roof

5 September 2018

4 Tips For Cleaning Your Metal Roof


One of the best parts about installing a metal roof on your business, aside from its great insulating and energy savings properties, is how easy it is to clean a metal roof. With a metal roof, you never have to worry about scrubbing away the granules like you do when cleaning a tile roof. #1 Get the Right Cleaner You need to make sure that you use the right cleaner on your metal roof.

10 August 2018

Top Benefits Of Clay Roofing Tiles


Whether you're replacing the roof on your current home or are considering building a new home, you will have to make a decision about what type of roofing materials to use. There are many different options when it comes to roofing materials, so it can be difficult to decide which one is the best one for your roof. Many people feel like clay roofing tiles are the best options. There are a number of benefits to clay roofing tiles, such as:

24 July 2018

Saving Yourself Money By Buying Roof Coatings


Inefficient roofs are a common issue that will cost you a lot of money in excessive heating and cooling bills. However, roof coatings are a great investment that can not only save you money but also make it easier for you to stay cool.  Inefficient Roofs Cost You Money In Inefficiency People often spend thousands of dollars on efficiency windows and spend time ensuring that their door frames are sealed but ignore an inefficient roof.

17 June 2018

4 Signs Homeowners Should Contact An Asphalt Shingle Service


The majority of homeowners don't think about contacting roofing contractors until they begin to notice a leak in their home. Unfortunately, by the time a leak is noticeable, it has generally already caused significant damages to the structural elements of the home, such as the support beams. To prevent this type of extensive damage, it is important for homeowners to be aware of any changes to their roof and contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

17 June 2018

How To Know When Your Roof Is Raising the White Flag and Giving Up


Your roof is the warrior of your home. It stoically protects your family from the onslaught of Mother Nature, battling the elements both day and night. The harsh UV rays from the sun do their best to break down your roof's defenses, and it struggles against the barrage of hail, snow, and ice that bombard it each season. No thanks are needed, but there comes a time when you need to send in backup.

27 May 2018

Having Roof Work Done? Know How To Prepare Your Home


If you're about to have your roof repaired or replaced, you'll need to take some steps to help protect your yard before the roofers come. While you might have already taken things off the interior walls that could potentially fall from the vibrations caused by hammering, these things should be done to the outside. More Outdoor Furniture and Decorations Do you have lawn or patio furniture outside of your home? You should move these items farther away from the house or into a garage or shed.

27 February 2017

4 Questions to Ask to Determine When to Get a New Roof


Homeowners should always check the roof of their house after a storm. You do not want to wait until you have a leak. A storm does not have to produce hail or rain torrents to cause damage. Strong winds alone can cause you to repair or replace your roof. However, you do not want to wait until you have a leak before finding out there is a problem. If you choose to wait, then a minor repair can turn into a serious repair.

15 February 2017

Types of Metal Roof Care That Could Lead to Metal Roof Repair


Metal roof care is pretty hands free, since metal is such a durable type of roofing material and metal roofs are designed to take a beating from the weather and pretty much just breeze through it. However, there are some things you can do to help your metal roof stay in tip-top shape, such as periodically clearing away debris with a long-handled broom or brush. There are other types of "

27 January 2017