How To Handle A Hole In Your Roof


If there's a hole in your roof, you can be sure that water will eventually find it. A roof is designed to function as a complete system, and a problem with any part of the system can compromise the entire system. A hole in your roof, for instance, can allow water to get to the wooden frame supporting the roof. This can lead to rotting, which can weaken the roof and cause it to sag. To ensure that the hole in your roof doesn't end up becoming a much bigger issue, it's important to do something about it immediately.

Find The Location of Hole

It's one thing to know that there's a hole in your roof and it's another thing to know the location of the hole. You may have known that there's a hole in your roof because of some noticeable dripping or due to damp spots on your walls and ceilings. However, to fix the hole, you'll need to know exactly where it is. To find the location of the hole, you can go to your attic and try and see if light rays are coming in from somewhere. You can also have someone pour water on the roof using a garden hose.

Repairing the Hole in Your Roof

Sealing a hole in your roof can be as easy as applying a roof sealant or roofing cement. However, the actual sealing of the hole is not the most challenging part of the job. Doing any work on your roof can be quite dangerous. It's important that you have a good roof ladder and non-skid shoes. You should also have someone to assist you by holding the ladder. You should only attempt to repair relatively small holes that you can access easily.

When Should You Call the Pros

A single hole in your roof may seem like something that's simple enough to fix. However, there are certain situations that warrant calling a professional roofing contractor instead. These include:

  1. When the hole is not easily accessible. Working in uncomfortable positions increase the chances of an accident.

  2. If your roof is very old and perhaps past its best

  3. You have some doubts about the structural integrity of your roof

  4. You don't have the right safety gear to do the job

Working with professionals may cost you more, but it will spare you the risk of suffering a serious injury, which isn't uncommon when working on roofs.


4 June 2019

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