What Hail Damage Looks Like On Your Roof By Roof Type


Hail damage strikes different roofing materials in different ways. In fact, you might be surprised to see how different the impacts of hail have on these different materials. If you have a few heavy hail storms, and you want to see if hail damaged your roof, here is how to identify it. 

On Asphalt Shingles 

On traditional asphalt shingles, hail damage takes two forms. Primarily, you will see pitting. This is where the hail hit and made an impression. You will have to look at each shingle very carefully to spot it. Once you have seen what the pitting looks like, you will be able to spot it on other shingles. Most shingles in a particular area of the roof will show damage, while the shingles on the rest of the roof may not show any damage at all. This is due to the fact that hail falls and strikes at an angle and with the wind and the direction of the storm.

The second type of damage you may spot with these shingles is the loose shingle type. The hailstones were large enough to tear shingles loose. Then the shingles just sort of dangle, or they have edges and pieces missing. Hail roof repair services can fix and replace these shingles, no problem.

On Metal Roofs

On metal roofs, hail damage takes the form of very slight dents because the hailstones would have to be immense and traveling very fast to do any serious damage. There may be scrapes where the hail hit and scratched, too. It will be very hard to spot unless you were dealing with tangerine-sized hailstones or larger. If you want this damage repaired, it generally involves removing that piece of metal roofing, hammering out the damage, buffing, and repainting it, but leaving it alone will not be a major problem for your roof either.

On Terracotta Roofs

On terracotta roofs, hail can cause the most damage of all. Many of the terracotta tiles will be smashed, or at the very least, cracked. All of these broken tiles will have to be removed and replaced so that the next big storm does not turn the terracotta bits into tiny, sharp projectiles from the roof. This tends to be a long and somewhat tedious process, but at least you can easily spot the hail damage both from the ground and on a ladder to the roof.


9 October 2018

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