Types of Metal Roof Care That Could Lead to Metal Roof Repair


Metal roof care is pretty hands free, since metal is such a durable type of roofing material and metal roofs are designed to take a beating from the weather and pretty much just breeze through it. However, there are some things you can do to help your metal roof stay in tip-top shape, such as periodically clearing away debris with a long-handled broom or brush. There are other types of "care," though, that metal roofing doesn't appreciate so much. Here are a few items that you should be wary of because they may actually cause problems with your metal roof.

1. Scrubbing

If you scrub the panels with a wire brush or use cleaning solvents on it that are too strong (industrial strength, for example), you can cause more problems than you're solving. These types of cleaning can damage the coating on the roofing panel, allowing moisture to get through. That, of course, can spell doom for your roof because when it's not protected from moisture, it's not protected from rust. So don't use metal-bristled brushes, don't scrub too hard, and don't use super-strong solvents while cleaning.

2. Added fasteners

Adding more fasteners is one of the recommended ways to help your roof prepare for a hurricane, but if you don't do it correctly, you could just end up damaging your metal roof. There are a couple of ways this can happen. One, if you use fasteners that aren't made out of the same type of metal as the roof, corrosion will occur, and this leads to deterioration and potentially leaking. Two, if you place the fasteners incorrectly in the "valley" areas of the roof instead of on the ridges of the panel, you're encouraging water to pool there, and this will encourage rust and, again, leaking.

3. Overzealous roof inspection

Walking around on your metal roof is not recommended. You should probably leave this type of up-close and personal inspection to your experienced roofing contractor because walking on a metal roof can leave marks (from the soles of your sneakers) or dents (if you walk in the wrong spot). Your working on a metal roof can also be much more dangerous than it would be on typical asphalt roof because of pitch and because the metal is less grippy than asphalt shingles. 

These points show how if you try to take care of your metal roof without first checking what is and isn't the correct way to go about it, you could end up causing problems and costing yourself money. So be sure to check with your roofing contractor about how to best care for your roof between professional inspections.


27 January 2017

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