3 Tips For Keeping Those Pesky Squirrels Away From Your Gutters


Properties that are located in areas with a lot of rain will greatly benefit from gutters. As long as they are well-maintained, they can keep water from puddling near the foundation. The downspouts can shoot water far away from the structure, or you can use rain barrels to collect all of the rainfall. But, gutters are not indestructible, and they require regular maintenance. Once you've taken the time to install your gutters, you'll want to keep them in excellent condition through the years. If your land is home to squirrels, you will want to use the following tactics to keep them away from your gutters so they don't build nests and cause damage.

Trim or Cut Down Nearby Trees

Squirrels have a number of ways to get onto your home's roof, which will then give them easy gutter access. The first step in prevention is making sure you do not have any trees near the gutters. Wide and bushy trees are especially problematic because they are costly and difficult to keep trimmed all year long. You may want to consider removing the most difficult trees from the property altogether. It might be possible to transplant a tree somewhere else on the landscape, just as long as it is far away from the house. For more manageable trees, you can stick to routine trimming to keep squirrels away.

Wrap Trees

If you do not think it is realistic to remove a tree or keep it completely trimmed, you can try out an alternative solution in wrapping the tree around the stump. Using tin, you can create a large enough surface around the trunk so that squirrels are unable to get a grip and climb on up. You will need to do this for any trees that have branches close together, otherwise the squirrels could just go up one tree and travel along the branches to make their way to the tree by the gutters.

Entice the Squirrels

If you still can't seem to keep the squirrels out of your gutters, you can try to entice them away. Provide them with reliable food and water sources that are located at the edge of your yard. Bird feeders work great, especially when they are filled with some of the nuts that they like such as walnuts and acorns.

Although it may require regular upkeep to keep the squirrels from getting to newly installed gutters, you will find it worth the effort to prevent your investment from receiving any serious damage. For more tips on how to keep your gutters in good condition, contact a business like Mitchell Roofing.


20 September 2016

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