How To Prevent Moss Growth On An Asphalt Or Concrete-Shingle Roof


If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and/or you have a portion of your roof that does not get a lot of direct sunlight, you may have to contend with moss invading your roof. When you first see moss on your roof, you might think that it adds character, but moss holds moisture next to your roof and can thus promote rot. Therefore, when you see moss on your roof, you need to take steps to remove it and prevent future invasions. 

Kill Any Live Moss

If you have wet, green moss on your roof, it can be hard to remove. Not only will it make your job easier to dry out moss before you try to remove it, but it will also help to prevent roof damage. To kill moss, spray on a solution of oxygen bleach. Chlorine bleach would do the job just as well, but the chlorine can run off your roof and kill any plants growing beneath the eaves of your roof. Once the color of the moss has faded to a dull grey/brown color, you are ready to remove it. 

Removing Moss

You should be able to remove moss from your roof with a downward stroke with a broom or brush. Do not use upward strokes that could catch the bottom edge of shingles and cause damage. If you have stubborn sections of moss, either treat them with another round of bleach or use a hammer and chisel to carefully separate them from your roof surface. 

Invasion Prevention

Once you have removed all of the moss from your roof, your work is not done. If moss can grow once, it will grow again unless you do something to discourage it. Step one should be to cut back any low-hanging limbs that extend over your roof. Such limbs provide shade and may drip sap and water onto your roof, which can create conditions that promote moss growth. To further discourage moss, nail a strip of zinc flashing along the ridge line of your roof. When rains hits this flashing, it will create metal salts, which will run down your roof and create a coating of a natural herbicide which will discourage moss growth. 

Moss may give your home a quaint, cottage look, but moss is also an agent that promotes rot. To extend the life of your roof, and thus forestall replacement costs, you need to be proactive in dealing with present moss invasions and preventing future ones. 

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4 July 2016

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