Bird Droppings On Your Roof? Know About Potential Damage And Prevention


Your home's roof will put up with a lot of damage to protect it, but a danger that is often overlooked are bird droppings that land on the surface. They can actually damage your home's roof, which is why it's important to know how damage happens and how to prevent it.

Can Bird Droppings Actually Damage The Roof?

The primary way that bird droppings can create damage to a roof is from them being acidic. If there are enough of them and they remain on the roof for a long time, it can cause damage to the shingles on the roof. If it eventually forms a hole in the shingles, it can lead to mildew or mold buildup, an insect infestation, or even structural damage. Bird droppings could also attract wildlife to your roof, which will cause even more problems if other animals start making a home on it.

In addition, birds can also form nests on a roof, which can cause a fire hazard with the dry materials that they use being flammable. A bird nest can also block gutters, which creates issues with drainage. Those materials will trap water on the surface of your roof, which can cause a variety of other issues that can lead to a roof leak.

Can You Prevent Damage From Bird Droppings?

The first steps should be to remove the tree branches that are hanging over the roof. A lot of the bird droppings could be from the birds having an easy place to perch, and their droppings just so happen to land on your roof below it. Not having the tree limb overhang above your roof will also mean that leaves won't fall on it, giving birds less material to make a nest. You'll need the help of a professional tree service to help remove a large limb for you.

You should also clean the roof fairly often. Since the buildup of bird droppings is what causes them to be most effective, removing them will help reduce the overall acidic effect that is happening. It's best to have a roofing contractor handle this for you as well, since working on a tall roof can be dangerous.

You can also install bird deterrents, which are small strips with spikes that are placed on the roof. It will not allow birds to comfortably land on the roof, which will prevent them from resting there and making a mess.

Have more questions about bird droppings and the damage they can cause? Talk to the best roofing company.


23 June 2016

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