How To Patch A Leaky Steel Gutter


If you notice roof leaks where the ceiling connects to the walls, check your steel gutters for holes. A steel gutter are made from a process called galvanization, but they can develop holes letting rain seep into your home.

The gutter is supposed to divert water frorm your home to avoid extensive damage. Luckily, holes are fixable even by a beginning DIY person. Here are some tips to fix steel gutter leaks.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need

  • ladder
  • trash bags
  • rag
  • steel wool
  • wire brush
  • gutter scoop
  • shop vac
  • putty knife
  • roofing cement and trowel
  • tin snips or wire cutters
  • galvanized steel sheet or scrap wire screening

Set the ladder on flat ground and get someone to hold it for you. For extra safety, tie the top part of the ladder to a solid part of the roof. Wear safety glasses and work gloves when working with metal.

Inspect the amount of damage that needs to be repaired. Roofing materials commonly need twenty-four hours to dry, so check the forecast in advance. Remove standing water with a shop vac, scoop out leaves and debris, and discard debris in the trash bag.

Dip a wire brush in water, and use a wire brush to scrape rust, then let the area dry. Don't carry buckets up a ladder. Pour water into a plastic bottle.

If the rust won't come out, saw the rusted portion, and replace it. Cut a new section from the galvanized steel sheet, and attach it to the old gutter with roofing cement.

Patch Small Holes

To fix holes smaller than a nail head, apply a dab of roofing cement on the hole. Use a putty knife to spread the cement evenly over the area to ensure nothing blocks the gutter. Watch the area for leaks.

Fix Larger Holes

Cover holes bigger than a nail head with a galvanized steel sheet or scrap wire screening. Cut a piece of galvanized steel with tin snips, or cut scrap wire screening using the wire cutters. Cut the pieces at least one inch bigger than the hole.

Apply a generous coat of roofing cement under the patch, and push the metal firmly over the hole. Add more roofing cement to the perimeter of the patch, evening it out. Use a rag to clean excess cement.

A steel gutter leak doesn't mean you have to replace the whole gutter. It is essential that the gutter gets fixed as soon as possible. If you don't feel comfortable with heights, your repairs failed, or your roof is very high, hire a roofer like Hogan  Roofing.


7 June 2016

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