3 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Roof For Summer


If you live in a climate where winters are harsh, these weather conditions can take a toll on your roof. As summer approaches, it becomes important that you prepare your roof to make the transition from one season to the next.

Here are three tips you can use to help ensure that your roof is ready for summer.

1. Do a visual inspection of your shingles.

The integrity of your home's roof starts with the quality of its shingles. After the snow melts away from your shingles, it's important that you make time to conduct a visual inspection of the shingles on your home's roof to check for signs of damage. Evidence of curling or dark spots that indicate a loss of granulation are signs that your roof might need some attention if you want it to remain a waterproof barrier between your home's interior and the outdoor elements.

A visual inspection can easily be completed by using a pair of binoculars to scan your home's rooftop, and a qualified contractor should be called to further investigate and repair any damage you spot during your visual inspection.

2. Inspect your rain gutters.

Rain gutters are designed to move excess water away from your home and into a safe drainage area where it can't cause structural damage. As snow thaws and melts over the course of the winter, your rain gutters can take a beating.

Freezing water inside a rain gutter can cause the gutter to expand, resulting in cracks or splits that might reduce the functionality of the rain gutter in the future. Be sure to inspect your rain gutters for signs of damage, and replace any sections of gutter that will not help remove summer rains from your home's roof in the future.

3. Check your attic for signs of water damage.

Snow and ice that sits on the surface of your roof over the winter can erode the waterproof seal that prevents your roof from leaking. It's important that you take the time to inspect your attic for signs of water damage after each winter is completed.

Being able to identify areas of your roof that are allowing water to seep into your home right after winter subsides will allow you to contact a roofing professional to make the repairs needed to prevent the water from summer rainstorms from causing further structural damage to your home.

Be sure that you are taking the time to prepare your roof for summer by inspecting for damaged shingles, non-functional rain gutters, and signs of water damage in your home's attic. Contact a business, such as Kelley Roofing, for more information. 


6 June 2016

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