How Ot Fix Holes In Metal Roofs


If you have a residential metal roof that leaks, check for holes.Holes on a metal roof are often caused by rust or falling debris such a limbs. It important to fix holes, so the water won't damage the inside of your home. Here are some tips to fix holes on a metal roof.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • ladder
  • disposable work gloves
  • rubber-sole shoes
  • safety harness
  • marker
  • rag
  • broom
  • household cleaner
  • hose
  • red food coloring (optional)
  • paint (optional)
  • urethane sealer
  • cement
  • sand paper
  • putty knife
  • tin snips
  • sheet metal screws
  • sheet metal

Set a ladder on a flat, dry area, and attach the safety harness to a chimney or window opposite the house. Otherwise, get someone to hold it for you. Sweep dirt off the roof.

Have someone stand inside as you spray the roof with a hose, and mark the holes. You can also fill a bucket with water, add several drops of red food coloring, and pour it on the roof.

The food coloring will be easy to see on the ceiling. Use the household cleaner and rag to clean the roof; ensuring no residue from the cleaner remains. Buy sheet metal to match the kind on your roof.

Cut the Metal Patch

Outline the area to be patched, then fill the hole using a putty knife and roofing cement. Cut the sheet metal with the tin snips. The patch should be two inches larger in all directions than the area you are repairing.

If you notice nails sticking up on the roof, hammer them down, and apply roof cement to the nail head. Sand the corners to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on them. Apply enough sealer inside the lines of the marked area to be sure there are no gaps.

Install the Metal Patch

Push the sheet metal patch in place. The sealant should run along all sides of the sheet metal. If the sealant doesn't bleed through the edges, moisture could enter under the patch, and cause deterioration.

Insert the sheet metal screws around the edges of the patch within an inch of the leading edge every three or four inches. This helps apply uniform pressure to the leading patch edge. If desired, paint the patch to match the roof color after the sealant dries.

Check the roof for leaks with the hose or red food dye again. Working on roofs requires following safety procedures. If your roof is high, or you don't trust your skill, hire a roofer or company like Acoma Roofing


3 May 2016

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