Re-Coating A Metal Roof? Here Are Your Options


Even if your metal roof already has a protective coating, you may decide to re-coat your roof. The life of your roof can be prolonged by regularly applying new layers. Metal roof panels are manufactured and installed with the protective coating already a part of the roof. However, this coating degrades over time. If you decide to re-coat your metal roof rather than replacing individual panels, there are several types of coatings to choose from.

Polymeric Coatings

Two of the most common coatings for metal roofs are asphalt and polymeric coatings. Polymeric roof coatings are very durable and are resistant to weathering. They are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. This coating is known to be impact resistant, which would be helpful when the roof is subjected to high winds or hail. Also, reducing the temperature of the roof membrane slows down the degradation and deterioration of the roof.

Asphalt Coatings

The two types of asphalt coatings are solvent and water-based. Water-based coatings are easier to clean up and cost less money. However, solvent-based coatings adhere more easily to the roof, reducing labor costs. Also, this option is more UV-resistant. Depending on the angle of the roof, it may be harder to paint it, and it would therefore be easier to use a solvent-based coating.

Asphalt coatings are reflective and are the most common type used for metal roofs. By increasing the reflectivity of the roof, the sun will not raise the temperature of the home as much. This makes the home more energy-efficient during the summer. Reflective coatings often can qualify you for a rebate.

Pigmented Latex and Polyurethane Coatings

Pigmented latex coatings are often used because they are resistant to a broad range of chemicals, solvents and oils. However, if it is common that the metal roof will be exposed to industrial oils or chemicals, you may choose to instead use a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane coatings also have the benefit of being able to set both during the summer and winter.

Coatings can be applied either through spraying or using a roller. Roofs that have more surface irregularities should be sprayed. However, roofs that have a more uniform surface would be easier to coat with a roller. Rollers provide you with more control, but can also require more effort. Either way, with the right type of metal roof coating, it will be cheaper, easier and more effective to re-coat your roof than it will be to replace it.


16 March 2016

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When I married my husband 10 years ago, I agreed to move into the ranch home he already owned. Initially, we planned to live in this house for five years and then after a few years of marriage we wanted to buy our dream home. After our wedding, many things in our lives changed. We both got different jobs. And we decided to transform the house my husband owned when we married into our forever home. To accomplish this task, we have begun a major renovation project. The first job on our list was a new roof. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of roofs to install on a brick home.