3 Ways To Repair A Leak In Your Roof


As a homeowner, having a roof over your head that is protecting you from the outside conditions is important. Without a solid roof, the rain and snow can cause water damage to the exterior and interior of your home that can cost thousands in repairs. One common problem with the roof over your head is leaks. Here are three ways to fix a leak in your roof:

Fix the Shingles: 

The first thing you are going to want to do is check the shingles on your roof. Damaged shingles or curled shingles are a problem because they expose the underside of the roof, which is where holes into the home can be. When the shingles are fixed, the rain water will roll off your roof instead of seep into your home. You can replace damaged or curled shingles by using the backside of the hammer to remove the nails that are holding the shingle in place, scraping the underside to remove excess debris, and placing the new shingle in place and hammering the nails into it to hold the shingle in place. 

Fix the Roll Roofing: 

For roll roofing, you will want to find the area of the roll roofing that appears bubbly, which indicates that there is moisture built up underneath it. Pop these bubbly areas with a knife without cutting into the felt underneath it. Once you do this, you want to soak up all the water that was built up inside, then you can use roofing cement to patch up the area. Spread the roofing cement beneath the roll roofing that you broke open and then flap the roll roofing back on top and hold it down gently. Be sure to nail the roofing material into place so it doesn't flap open easily again and spread more roofing cement on top of it. 

Fix the Connections:

The connections of your roof, which are the areas where the chimney sticks out and other roof structures should be inspected, as well. This is because the roofing material that surrounds these structures is susceptible to damage. You may need to apply more caulking to the area. In order to do this, you should remove the old, cracked caulking with a knife before you place the new caulking for the best results. 

If you need further help with fixing a leak on your roof, it's best to hire a roofing contractor, like Darnell Construction, who will be able to easily locate and fix the leak before it becomes worse. 


14 March 2016

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