Live Near A Hurricane Zone? Protect Your Home From Becoming Damaged


When you live in an area that sees strong storms due to hurricanes, your home will be at risk of being damaged. If you are looking for ways to protect your home from the strong storms, consider doing these 4 things.

Add Storm Shutters

One of the weakest parts of your home will be the windows. While impact windows are a great way to give the glass added strength, you may not need to upgrade your windows any time soon to get them. That's why storm shutters will be a much more practical option.

Instead of being purely decorative, these shutters have the ability to close and completely cover your windows. The shutters protect the glass from impact damage, and block the wind. You can also purchase roll up shades that have a very modern look, and provide similar protection.

Install A Metal Roof           

Asphalt shingles may be a very affordable roofing material, but the individual shingles make your roof weak against strong winds. Asphalt shingles have the potential to be ripped right off since they are not very resistant to wind damage.

Consider replacing your roof with a material that is much more durable under the stress of storms. Metal is a viable alternative that will hold its own against storms, and is fire-resistant. If your asphalt roof is near the end of its life, metal might be just what you need (for more information, contact companies like Independent Roofing Inc).

Trim Trees

Large trees may provide a lot shade when the weather is sunny, but they can be a safety hazard during a strong storm. While you don't need to cut down those trees, you should have large branches that hang over your home trimmed. Make sure to have a tree trimming specialist do the job for you, since trimming a tree in the wrong place or during the wrong season can affect the overall health of the tree.

Drainage Improvements

Strong winds should not be your only concern during a big storm, but the water that can come with it. Flooding is a possibility, which is why it helps to make improvements to your home's drainage system. This includes installing a French drain system, improving the grading, and extending downspouts so that water drains far away from your foundation.

If you do not feel confident that you can do these improvements on your own, seek out the help of the proper contractor in your area for assistance. 


10 March 2016

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When I married my husband 10 years ago, I agreed to move into the ranch home he already owned. Initially, we planned to live in this house for five years and then after a few years of marriage we wanted to buy our dream home. After our wedding, many things in our lives changed. We both got different jobs. And we decided to transform the house my husband owned when we married into our forever home. To accomplish this task, we have begun a major renovation project. The first job on our list was a new roof. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of roofs to install on a brick home.