Three Questions To Ask When You Hire A Roofing Contractor


When you need the roof of your home either replaced or repaired, it's important to find the right contractor for the job. Speaking to friends and neighbors, as well as consulting online review sites, can help you find a licensed and reputable roofing contractor who you can trust to get the job done properly and on budget. Before you decide which contractor you want for the job, it's advantageous to contact a few contractors to talk about your job and each person's expertise and areas of specialty. Asking these three questions and carefully listening to the answers can help you decide which contractor will best suit the job.

Do The Work Yourself Or Hire Subcontractors For Part Of It?

If you're making a point of asking about the contractor's experience, liability insurance and other factors related to the contractor himself or herself, it's important to know whether he or she will be doing the entire job or arranging for subcontractors to perform some of the tasks. In some cases, roofing contractors will hire subcontractors to remove the old roofing shingles during a roof replacement. The use of subcontractors shouldn't concern you, but if you're content with the contractor himself or herself, you'll also want to confirm the experience and insurance of any subcontractor who will be involved.

How Can You Ensure That My Gutters Don't Get Damaged?

Given the important role that they play in keeping water away from your roof, you want to be sure that your gutters won't get damaged during the roofing job. When you ask this question, it gives each contractor the opportunity to convey his or her expertise and professionalism. Reputable contractors will know to avoid leaning ladders on the gutters and, instead, will use ladder supports so that the weight of the ladder and the individual climbing it will be on the roof itself, not the gutters.

Will You Remove All The Waste From The Job?

You don't want to run into an issue in which the contractor didn't quote you for waste removal but you thought he or she would be taking care of this task. Ensuring that the contractor will be responsible for disposing of the old shingles and plywood helps you avoid any surprises at the end of the job. Look for a roofing contractor who will leave your yard in the same condition that he or she found it -- this includes being vigilant about picking up any roofing nails that dropped during the job.


9 March 2016

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