The Difference Between Plank And Shingle Siding


Fiber cement siding is a popular option because it can give your exterior the look of stone walls but with much less upkeep. In fact, fiber cement requires as little maintenance as vinyl. It is also very easy to install, some homeowners install their own fiber cement to make the project more affordable. You can find fiber cement siding is many different styles. Plank siding is generally the easiest to install, but many people prefer the look of shingle panels. It is largely a matter of personal preference. This article explains the differences between plank and single fiber cement siding.

Shingle Fiber Cement Panels

Shingle panels are narrow, almost like tile. They are stacked so they overlap each other, creating a terraced effect that is stylish and functional. It is sold in large packs. Many shingle kits are sold with various colors. These colors are within the same tonal range so they look great together, even when randomly laid out. This allows the installer to create a mosaic look. One of the disadvantages of shingle fiber cement siding is that is is much harder to install. This is mainly because there are so many more pieces that you have to work with. They are smaller to handle, but it is more time consuming to attach them all to the wall. That being said, the shingles are light and easy to handle. If you have a bunch of helpers, you can probably handle the installation since it is not physically demanding.

Plank Fiber Cement Siding

Plank fiber cement siding is much easier to install. The planks are usually over 8' long and up to 12" tall. So, they cover the wall quite quickly during the installation. Plank siding is largely modular, and the pieces snap together with ease. The installation requires very few power tools.

The look of panel siding is also very different from shingles. The horizontal lines create a look that is more akin to vinyl siding. You also cannot create the mosaic effect that you can with shingles.

In the end, you should probably base your decision on which style you like the best. Both products will be equally durable, reliable, and easy to keep up over the years. They also have a similar price tag, except that shingles cost a little more to install. Either solution will give your home a facelift while also making it much more energy efficient.

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8 March 2016

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