2 Ways To Save Money Around The Home


Saving money at home can be easy when you make the right investments. While some home renovations can be very expensive, the ongoing benefits your house receives makes it all worthwhile. Generally speaking, switching out anything to a more energy-efficient model will help you out. After you research tons of innovative reduced-energy products, try improving these areas of your home. Check out the following ways you can start saving money on your energy bills by upgrading your roof today.

Go with a cool roof.

Cool roofs are made of a material that minimizes heat absorption far less than your standard roof does. Since they were designed to help reflect the sunlight, your home isn't going to feel as warm. Some people opt for a cool roof made out of shingles, while others opt for a sheet covering or reflective paint. Regardless of what type of material you use, you can lower your roof's temperature by as much as 50 degrees. The cooler your roof is, the less time your air conditioner is going to have to run to cool your home down.

A great thing about these roofs is that they don't have a lot of plant emissions. Before installing a cool roof around your home, you might want to consider things like the climate where you live and various other external factors. However, the majority of homes might be able to benefit from one of these roofs.   

Add in solar panels.

Solar panels take things a step further. Not only do they help you eliminate your dependence on electricity, they help make the planet a better place. After your initial investment, you will enjoy little to no electricity bill. The amount of money you are going to save depends on the amount of energy you use every day and how much your system is producing for you.

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have about installing solar panels is that they require maintenance to continue functioning. They are also concerned about what happens during prolonged periods of darkness or storms. However, that isn't an issue because you will have a standard electric hookup that you can use as a backup source. This means you are never going to be without energy. While solar panels do require a little more maintenance then a standard roof, you don't need to worry about it breaking your budget.

There are many ways to save money around the house. By investing in energy-efficient roofs and power sources, you can save money over time. To learn more ways to improve your home or get renovation tips, contact a roofing professional today, such as HomeTowne Roofing.


8 March 2016

An Amazing Transformation

When I married my husband 10 years ago, I agreed to move into the ranch home he already owned. Initially, we planned to live in this house for five years and then after a few years of marriage we wanted to buy our dream home. After our wedding, many things in our lives changed. We both got different jobs. And we decided to transform the house my husband owned when we married into our forever home. To accomplish this task, we have begun a major renovation project. The first job on our list was a new roof. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of roofs to install on a brick home.