Caring For A Metal Rooftop


When a home or business has a metal rooftop, it will need to be maintained regularly to keep it in the best of shape. Hiring a roofing service is the preferred method when doing routine maintenance, as they would recognize areas in need of repair. You can supplement these maintenance sessions with a few checks of your own to make sure your rooftop is structurally sound and doing its job properly. Here are some tips to use when caring for a metal roof.

Tend To Gutters

The gutter system will need to be tended to just as one on a building with shingles would. If the gutters become filled with debris, water can become stagnant in these areas, leading to rust, mold, and perhaps leaks under the bottom of the metal roof. Get on a ladder and scoop all material out of the gutters every month or so to help stop rusting. This should be done after inclement weather to minimize the risk of water blockages.

Remove Any Debris

When storms are present, they can leave an abundance of debris on top of the roof. Tree branches, twigs, and leaves that are not brushed off the surface can trap moisture underneath them as time passes. This could lead to unfortunate rusting, disintegrating the metal roof in this area. It may also lead to discoloration as the sun will not reach areas of the roof under the debris. Get up on the roof periodically to brush off any loose items so there is less likelihood of a rusting condition. A mild detergent can be used to remove surface stains. After scrubbing into the metal with a soft-bristled brush, rinse well with a pressure washer.

Take Care Of Rust

If you notice an area on the roof where rust has settled on top of the surface, it should be tended to immediately to help keep it from weakening the metal. Sand down the rusted portion with a piece of medium-grit sandpaper. After it feels smooth and rust is no longer visible, add a coat of rust-inhibiting primer. When this dries, touch up the area with a new coat of paint to match the existing roof color. This will protect the area from further damage.

Eliminate Scratched Areas

Wildlife, stormy weather, and normal wear and tear can cause scratches in your metal roof. If you notice one, fill it in with some mineral spirits to help stop the chance of rusting. Allow this to sit on the scratch for several minutes and then wipe the area with a clean piece of microfiber cloth to dry it. Add a coat of rust-inhibiting paint, covering the scratch in the process. Finish the area with a coating of paint.

To learn more about properly caring for your metal roof, speak with a roofing contractor like those at Mid-Miami Roofing, Inc.


22 February 2016

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