What Does It Mean If There Are Black Streaks On Your Roof?


Black streaks that stain rooftops can be difficult to remove, and are also concerning for homeowners. Knowing what the black streaks are and how to remove them can help you care for your home and maintain its value.

What does it mean if there are black streaks on your roof?

Black streaks on your roof are generally caused by a kind of algae. Growth of this organism often occurs in areas of the roof where the conditions are right, with a lot of moisture and little direct sunlight.

Does algae damage the roof?

Algae may not damage your roof structurally, but it can damage your home cosmetically. Algae can reduce your home's curb appeal and ultimately may make it harder to sell your home for a fair price. In addition, growth of algae can easily lead to growth of moss, as moss and algae often grow in the same conditions. While algae is not damaging to your roof, moss can be, because it can grow under the shingles, leading to roof leaks and rot.

How can you remove the algae from your roof?

You can try removing the algae yourself by spraying down the roof with a combination of oxygen bleach and water. Once this is done, you can scrub down the shingles with a long-handled scrub brush. If this doesn't work, or if your roof is too high and steeply graded to safely scrub down the shingles, then you should contact an experienced roofing company. They can remove the stains from your roof.

How can you prevent the algae from returning?

To prevent the algae from returning, you can alter the conditions around your roof to reduce moisture and increase exposure to daylight. Overhanging trees can throw the roof in shade while also increasing humidity in the general area. To make the conditions dryer and brighter, prune back trees to remove overhanging branches. As a bonus, doing this will also help make the conditions less ideal for moss growth.

You can also mount copper strips on the ridge of the roof. With copper strips on the ridge of the roof, rain water that drips on the copper will pick up ions from the copper and redistribute the ions over your roof shingles. These copper ions will prevent the algae from coming back.

For more information, contact a roofing company. Your roofer can talk to you about the best ways to remove the black streaks from your roof, and how to prevent the algae from returning.


19 February 2016

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