Common Causes Of Black Stains On Asphalt Roof Shingles


Most homeowners prefer asphalt roof shingles because they are not only cheaper and easier to install, but also easy to maintain. There is also the fact that they tend to be durable. However, there are times when asphalt shingle roofing develops black stains. This usually ruins the aesthetic appeal of the asphalt shingles. Here are some of the things that are usually to blame for this condition.

Defective shingles

There are times when stains result simply because of errors during the manufacturing process. This happens when there is an error in the percentage of ingredients used or in the process responsible for the bonding between the black pigment and the asphalt. As a result, when it rains, leaching occurs, a process that eventually causes the pigment to run down the roof.

This leaching process is rarely uniform because of the fact that different sides of the roof are usually exposed to different weather elements such as sunlight and moisture. There is also a difference in the gradient at which different parts of the roof slope. All these factors usually cause asphalt shingle staining that is made up of streaks of different lengths and shapes.

Power washing can help you get rid of some of these stains. You should, however, be careful when using this method, as overuse can leave your roof with ugly patches -- and may eventually increase the rate at which the shingles deteriorate. There are chemical treatments that can help remove any patches from asphalt shingles.  Using them can help you get rid of the patching problems caused by power washing.

Black algae

Black algae loves shaded areas. If you have trees growing around your house and the black stains appear in tree-shaded areas, the cause of staining is possibly black algae growth. These stains tend to be non-streaky stains that are relatively uniform.

Getting rid of branches that hang over your roof is an easy way of getting rid of the shaded areas and thus of eliminating algae growth in a shingle roof. There are also some asphalt shingles that are manufactured with algae-killing chemicals. Going for these shingles will help prevent any chances of algae staining.

Copper and zinc strips have also proven to be effective at eliminating algae growth. This is because when it rains, these strips usually react with water, forming mineral salts that then stifle algae growth. With time, tacking your roof's ridge with these strips will eliminate any algae-caused black stains.


19 February 2016

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